Princesshay prepares for Christmas

As a shopping centre, Exeter is not Oxford Street. As a provincial county capital it’s not at all bad. One aspect of the Devon city’s retail experience, however, does stand out: Princesshay …

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Take the pain out of bra shopping

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable, ill fitting bra, and yet apparently most women are wearing lingerie that is an incorrect size. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly can contribute to health issues …

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Summer hits the High Street

After a great morning shopping for that new summer outfit, you finally fall into a comfy chair in a coffee bar for a quick sandwich and cappuccino, and realise you never bought any shoes to finish off the look! Sound familiar? …

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The end of the necktie?

Walk down any street in the South West and most men will be wearing shorts and t-shirts, regardless of the occasion. Jeans, for so long the badge of youth, are now regular accompaniments to mohair, wool or linen jackets …

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Justify a spending spree

The results of a study of 3000 women undertaken by a popular iced dessert company recently have revealed that even though 83pc of the respondents felt shameful after a shopping spree, one in five has not allowed the recession adversely to affect spending habits …

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Summer swimwear

We’re promised summer will be back in August, so if you’re planning a holiday this year, the likelihood is that you’ll need to start thinking about shopping for swimwear quite soon. Whether your goal is to look good by the pool, maximise the amount of flesh exposed to the sun for tanning purposes, or to maintain your modesty on the beach …

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