Unhappiness is a wandering mind

It’s true. New research shows that a mind that won’t concentrate on the task before it causes unhappiness in the daydreamer …

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Look out for gender benders

Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used widely in food and drinks containers to harden plastics, could be a cause of falling male fertility rates, and much else besides …

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What is a holistic healer?

If you think that consulting a holistic healer or psychic is rather like visiting a fortune teller who will give you details about your future such as how many children you’ll have, when you’ll come into money or whether you’ll live a long life, then think again …

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Understanding Chakras

Most people who have experienced a holistic therapy, visited a spiritual healer, or tried Yoga or Tai Chi, will have encountered the notion of the Chakras somewhere along the line. The word “Chakra” comes from Sanskrit, meaning “spinning wheel of light” …

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Hot stone therapy?

If you suffer from stiff joints, back problems or muscular aches and pains, there’s nothing better than Hot Stone therapy to ease the tensions. This form of holistic massage promotes relaxation and feelings of well being. It also offers deep healing as the heat penetrates the body …

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Surviving parenthood

Most newlyweds have their first child about two years after marriage, but we all know that in today’s society, babies often come along unplanned and to parents in the strangest of circumstances.

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