DIY fixes for the family home

People can use DIY fixes around the home to help them improve the appearance and functionality of all areas of a living space. Home owners may wish to introduce storage solutions throughout the home or they may wish to improve the appearance of old tired areas.

DIY storage solutions
Using DIY storage solutions around the home can help de-clutter rooms and provide an increased sense of space and tidiness. There is often unused space behind doors, which can be used to store small items such as shoes, socks, tea towels or plastic bags. Home owners can either add hooks to the back of doors to hang items, or they can make a quick and easy canvas storage system which can be hung on the back of the door. Making a canvas storage solution is simple – a large piece of canvas should be cut to size, and then canvas “pockets” can be cut from the fabric and sewn on to provide storage pouches. The canvas can be made as large or as small as required, in any shape.

DIY furniture fixes
New furniture can be very expensive, but it is not always necessary to replace old tired furniture – instead, old furniture can be improved using DIY fixes. Old wooden dining table sets can be sanded down and oiled or painted to give them a new lease of life. Cushions on out of date sofas or dining chairs can be recovered easily by using new fabric, which can simply be sewn over the top of the cushion. Alternatively, if the existing covering is removable, it can be simply removed and the shape can be copied and sewn with new fabric.

DIY kitchen storage fixes
The key to a successful kitchen is functionality. Creating a functional kitchen does not have to be expensive – there are many simple things that home owners can do themselves to improve their kitchen.

For example, old baby food jars, jam jars and other glass jars can be used to store kitchen items such as spices, pasta and rice. Chalkboard paint can be used to paint the lids so that the items can be easily labelled and relabelled if required. Jars can be stored in cupboards, though smaller jars in particular may benefit from back of door storage – it is relatively easy to make a simple wooden box out of 1×3 strips of wood, with dowels across the front to hold the jars in place when the door is opened. This idea works particularly well for making a spice rack or medicine rack.

DIY kitchen décor fixes
Those who wish to improve the appearance of their kitchen using DIY fixes can give old cabinet doors a new lease of life by adding wooden strips around the edge to create a framed or shaker style. The doors can also be painted or covered with wallpaper to create a new colour scheme.

DIY kerb appeal fixes
Although many people want to improve the appearance of the inside of their home, many overlook the outside. Adding new house numbers (which can be easily nailed on or stuck on the wall), planting new flowers and cleaning the window frames and front door can help improve kerb appeal.

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