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Welfare reforms agreed

There are reports that Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for welfare reform, has agreed a comprehensive package of reforms with the Chancellor, George Osborne, and the Treasury.

The outcome will mean scrapping a raft of benefits, including housing relief and disability payments, replacing them with a single overarching allowance.

The reform will gain traction by ensuring that no one is worse off by taking a job but will see their income improve when in employment.

The details are still sketchy, but the aim will be to get people off welfare and into work. Under the last government, a massive “underclass” of workless people built up in which no one in a family had worked over three generations.

The scandal over Disability allowance has also been tackled. Recently an amateur football team was found to contain a majority of players who were officially disabled. Some registered disabled people have been discovered on the golf course, while others do manual jobs on the side.

This scam has been allowed to grow under Gordon Brown’s stewardship. It is now being dismantled under Iain Duncan Smith.

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