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Ben Bradshaw fails to make Shadow Cabinet

Exeter’s MP, former Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, has failed to make the shadow cabinet.

Under Labour’s rules, MPs decide by a vote who will be included in the shadow cabinet when the party is in opposition. In power it falls exclusively to the Prime Minister.

This time, a minimum quota of six women was imposed in the name of equality. However, the party returned eight, including Yvette Cooper, who topped the poll, ahead of her husbancd Ed Balls. Caroline Flint, who resigned from Gordon Brown’s government in 2008 because female ministers were being treated as “window dressing” is also a winner.

Mr Bradshaw will be bitterly disappointed at his exclusion. He has been one of the more vociferous of the former Cabinet Ministers since the election defeat.

A thought: maybe it was his turn as a belly dancer at the party conference that did for him.

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