Seagulls in the Attic

Book Review

How many people dream of breaking free from the daily grind of working life and relocating to the Westcountry to enjoy the idyllic views, local delicacies and the peace of village life? More than we might imagine.

That is exactly what author Tessa Hainsworth, an ex-Body Shop Executive, did.

She previously charmed readers with the story of her downshift from the hustle and bustle of corporate life to a rural existence in Cornwall with her first book, Up With The Larks. Now Tessa continues to entertain and enchant us with her light-hearted sequel, Seagulls in The Attic.

For those of us familiar with the Westcountry and taken with the notion of living life in a parochial paradise, Seagulls in the Attic reminds us that adapting to the slower pace of living, the neighbourhood dramas, and the financial consequences of leaving behind life in the fast lane, is sometimes trickier than we may have imagined.

However, the author injects humour and energy into the storyline, which follows her second year in Cornwall, outlining her determination to find her place within the community in her new role as a local postwoman.

For those readers seeking some colourful, inoffensive escapism together with a bit of a smile, Seagulls can be recommended for its ability to draw us into the beautiful landscape of Cornwall, the cream teas, rolling fields and salty sea air.

Tessa Hainsworth makes light of the challenges, and some of the characters she faces, and emerges a little bit wiser and more likely to make a go of her new life in Cornwall by the end of the book.

Her experience reminds us that there’s much more to the dream of relocating than meets the eye, and those with false expectations and a lack of humour will almost certainly fall at the first hurdle.

Rhian Gibbings

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