Summer scorcher for South West

Positive Weather Solutions, which predicted last summer would be a wash-out, forecasts that we’re in for a sizzling, barbecue summer. Not only that, but the season will extend to four months, rather that the usual three — some might say three weeks is closer to the norm.

Temperatures could rise above 100F on occasion, triggering safety concerns for older people and young children.

PWS’s senior forecaster Jonathan Powell said, “Temperatures will climb steadily from 16C on Monday to 22C on Wednesday.

“In the south, things will warm up nicely from then on with temperatures of 25C later in the week – and 23C in the Midlands. Around 20C to 21C is possible in the north, with decent spells of dry and bright weather.

“This is summer’s first salvo and we expect high pressure to anchor down. That means that after this week’s fine weather, the following week will also be dry and warm, pushing 25C in the south before the Bank Holiday. The dry and sunny weather may well stay with us into June.”

In fact, summer could last well into September. This will be good news for the South West’s tourist trade, counteracting the falling euro which makes European holidays much cheaper this year.

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