Drake Circus

Late at Drake Circus

Late night shopping is usually associated with the Christmas Season.


Now though city centres and shopping malls are starting to recognise that the convenience of opening later than the traditional half-past five or six o’clock cut off time is increasingly attractive to consumers.

For many, the concept of shopping after the office closes can generate a new lease of life. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to bond with teenage children or catch up with friends who might be otherwise occupied during the day.

Alternatively, the opportunity for late night shopping can free up valuable weekend time which could be spent on maintenance of the home and garden, pursuing hobbies and leisure activities or even simply catching up on some much needed sleep.

Drake Circus opens for late night shopping on a Thursday, when its 60 outlets are available until 8pm. There is a great choice of High Street brand names along with a variety of places to eat and drink in the centre, which was named Shopping Location of the Year by an industry magazine in 2007.

The centre was opened in 2006, and now claims to be the South West’s most popular shopping mall.

Late night shoppers at Drake Circus also benefit from free car parking after 5pm over the summer. This gesture, which is currently being promoted until September, must surely be welcomed with open arms, as it’s a rare luxury to find free, secure parking in any city centre location these days.

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